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Treatment plants for hotels

Tourist facilities such as hotels, guesthouses and campsites require a case-by-case approach due to the rather uneven supply of sewage resulting from the seasonal nature of the facility, but also a specific sewage composition. A properly selected sewage treatment plant should take into account both the right technology and the device size.

Each technology comes with certain parameters, among which it is important to define the minimum inflow % from which the device will achieve full effectiveness. The majority of the available technologies require a minimum of 50% of the designed inflow, from which the devices achieve the effectiveness declared by the manufacturer. This is definitely an impossible condition for tourist facilities. In the case of hotels, it is especially important that the device achieves high efficiency both in the low and high seasons without altering the settings.

In the case of tourist facilities, it is also very important to avoid a negative impact on the surroundings, taking into account unpleasant odors and noise related to the operation of aeration devices. For these reasons, we recommend the technology of rotating biological contactors, characterized by high efficiency achieved with minor amounts of incoming sewage, but also due to the lack of blowers and a traditional aeration system, which results in quiet and hydrogen-free operation. Of course, please keep in mind that each technology requires a properly designed and constructed ventilation system.

Having selected your technology, it is important to choose the right device size in relation to the amount and composition of sewage, not omitting about instantaneous discharges. Generally, the selection should be made for the maximum amount of incoming sewage in the highest season. A properly selected device takes into account the number of rooms and their equipment, the category of the facility, the restaurant and the number of meals served, the swimming pool, etc. The devices should not be selected only with the daily amounts of generated sewage in mind, because they may have a composition other than domestic sewage.