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Community wastewater treatment plants


RotoSET community sewage treatment plants are intended for facilities with no access to the sewage system. The use of RBC rotating biological bed technology allows to achieve exceptional treatment efficiency with unparalleled ease of operation and very low operating costs. The technology has been known and appreciated all over the world for over 70 years, and the use of sophisticated materials makes it applicable for dozens of available series and applications up to 800 inhabitants in one tank. 

A characteristic trait of the RotoSET sewage treatment plant is its foolproof structure and the lack of mechanical air injection into the tank, thus minimizing the risk of unpleasant odors escaping from the tank. The shaft movement is ensured by a low-speed, quiet, energy-saving motor with a durable gear. 

Due to uneven wastewater flows in a number of facilities, the devices are fit with the FlowSET flow balancing system. FlowSET uses the movement of the shaft and the installed overflow vessels to feed a constant amount of sewage to the bed zone, ensuring the same cleaning time by aerobic bacteria. 

All RotoSET devices are made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), which is well- known in the aviation, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Due to exceptional ring stiffness, tightness and resistance to aggressive environment, GRP is the perfect fit for a sewage treatment plant tank


Detached houses
Agricultural enterprise
Residential blocks
Work establishments
Housing estates
Guest houses

Technical information


Number of inhabitants

Flow max.LengthWidthHight

Feeder basin

Gear motor power

RotoSET 18A183,6255255281/301/32160/80/10075
RotoSET 20A204,0255255281/301/32160/80/10075
RotoSET 25B255,0300255281/301/32160/80/10075
RotoSET 27B275,4300255281/301/32160/80/10075
RotoSET 35B357,0300255281/301/32160/80/10075
RotoSET 40B408,0400255281/301/32160/80/100120
RotoSET 50B5010,0500255281/301/32160/80/100120
RotoSET 70B7014,0600255281/301/32160/80/100180
RotoSET 75B7515,0600255281/301/32160/80/100180
RotoSET 100B10020,0800255281/301/32160/80/100250
RotoSET 125B12525,0800255281/301/32160/80/100370
RotoSET 150B15030,0800255281/301/32160/80/100370
RotoSET 160B16032,0800255281/301/32160/80/100370
RotoSET 200C20040,01100255281/301/32160/80/100550
RotoSET 225C22545,01100255281/301/32160/80/100550
RotoSET 250C25050,01100255281/301/32160/80/100550
RotoSET 300D30060,01400255281/301/32160/80/1002X370
RotoSET 350D35070,01400255281/301/32160/80/1002X370



The technology of rotating biological contactors is characterized by low operating costs. The main cost of daily operation is electricity. The geared motors used in RotoSET devices are known for their low demand for electricity. The costs of long-term operation are mainly influenced by the costs related to the replacement of consumables and service, as well as the disposal of primary and secondary sludge. Owing to a foolproof structure, wastewater treatment plants contain few consuming components and the technology itself generates a minor amount of excess sludge.



Exceptionally strong and robust monolithic GRP tanks allow to cut down installation costs and minimize the occupied space.


The devices do not use mechanical injection of air into the sewage environment, so the solution is considered odorless.


RotoSET sewage treatment plants are characterized by a foolproof structure without devices such as pumps, blowers, diffusers, solenoid valves, or complicated control automatics.


The low-speed gear motor works under the cover, generating virtually zero noise. There are no external aeration systems.


Low energy consumption, no need for biopreparations, a large settling tank
and a simple design allow to reduce operating costs to a minimum.


Proper operation requires no biopreparations, inoculation with active sludge; after long interruptions in the sewage supply, the membrane will rebuild spontaneously.


The FlowSET system balances the flow through all chambers, ensuring an optimal retention time of wastewater in each chamber.


When choosing Bio-Set devices, you bet on peace of mind, protect the environment, but also contribute to the development of Polish technologies.


RotoSET devices have been tested in line with PN-EN:12566-3+A2:2013, thanks to which they hold the European CE certificate. The plant also meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Container sewage treatment plants

RotoSET container sewage treatment plants are a type of above-ground devices that allow for quick and easy change of location. They can be used as new wastewater treatment systems, as well as an upgrade of the existing ones.

The devices are characterized by a compact design with integrated settling tanks. Thermal insulation enables use in any climatic conditions. A single container can handle from 100 to 225 REs, while for larger projects it is possible to set the containers in parallel. This solution can be used up to 2000 REs.



The RotoSET BIG sewage treatment plant is a series of modular solutions designed for easy operation, low operating costs and no negative impact on the environment. The technology enables flexible expansion with the development of the sewage network up to 10,000 RLM.
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Biological sewage treatment plants

The costs of a complete domestic sewage treatment plant, including assembly, infiltration system, connection, documentation, etc. may vary considerably depending on the number of people in the household, soil and water conditions, distance, and the technology adopted.

The lower costs are favored by well-drained soil, low groundwater level, small recess for connection and short distances between the building, the treatment plant and the sewage receiver. In such conditions, the cost of the complete system equals several thousand zlotys. More people in the household, poorly permeable land, high water levels often increase the costs to more than PLN 20,000. Feel free to contact us for an initial interview, quote, and possibly a non-binding vision at the investment site.