Our devices are manufactured in multiple variants and types, including plants suitable for individual houses, groups of buildings, schools. hotels and even whole villages and towns. Among our Customers are individual buyers, wholesalers, design offices, construction companies and local government units. Feel free to browse through our offer.

  • Household sewage treatment plants

    RotoSET 5-20 devices

    range of use 2-20 inhabitants

    detached houses and blocks

    rotating biofilter technology

    sturdy GRP tanks

    integrated sedimentation tanks

    flowSET wastewater dosing system

    low costs of use

    quiet work

    no mechanical air pumping

  • Local
    sewage treatment plants

    RotoSET 25-400 devices

    range of use 21-400 inhabitants

    residential areas, schools, hotels, villages

    sturdy, compact GRP tanks

    flowSET wastewater dosing system

    low cost of use

    easy to set and use

    quiet work

    no mechanical air pumping

  • Urban sewage treatment plants

    RotoSET 500-40000 devices

    range of use 500-40000 inhabitants

    villages and towns

    rotating biofilter technology

    modular construction

    bioreactors made of GRP

    resistance to low inflow

    low costs of use

    easy to use

    quiet work

  • Sediment treatment

    AgroSET devices

    presses for dehydrating sediments




    devices for dosing quicklime



    grit chamber

    monitoring devices

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