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Container wastewater treatment plants

Container wastewater treatment plants is a quite common concept used in relation to medium-sized wastewater treatment plants in applications from several dozen to several hundred REs (Residential Equivalent). It is quite often confused with so-called community or local sewage treatment plants.

Container sewage treatment plants are a type of above-ground devices that allow for quick and easy change of location. They can be used as new wastewater treatment systems, as well as for upgrade of the existing ones.

Since such-supporting units are not permanently attached to land, they provide the opportunity to obtain funds from private institutions such as banks. So, even without the accumulated funds, it is possible to invest in environmental protection, improving the living conditions of the inhabitants with virtually no free funds. Installments can be repaid by acquiring sewage collection fees from residents. Quick repayment is possible largely due to the exceptionally low operating costs of the device resulting from the technology of rotating biological contactors.

The construction of container sewage treatment plants should include ground installation, but also protect the device against sewage cooling and overheating. For this purpose, the RotoSET container series has thermal insulation between the proper wall and the container. There is a possibility of free expansion by adding more containers.

By working with banks, we are able to offer favorable financing conditions.